Green District Clean

Green District Clean maids come fully equipped with microfiber cleaning rags, eco-friendly cleaning supplies and commercial equipment.

There's a better way to get your house clean!

We have the best professional rates in the DMV area. Bonded, Licensed & Insured. Give us a call, you'll be happy you did. We are serving in your neighborhood today.

So you got carpool, meetings to attend, deadlines to meet, and dinner to prepare...and a seemingly list that gets larger by the day, who's got the time to squeeze in a proper cleaning of your humble abode? Have no fear, Eco Save Maids are here. Licensed, bonded and insured, we've got the best crew of cleaning technicians in the county. Best part of it all? It's not going to break the bank! Eco Save Maids offer the lowest, and most competitive rates over any other licensed competitor in the market.

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TOP 5 REASONS TO CHOOSE Green District Clean

House Gets Cleaned on a Regular Basis

Let's start with a few quotes. "The best intentions of mice and men, sometimes go astray." Or, how about, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." The point here is that while we would LIKE to have a clean house, and may even INTEND to clean our houses, the job rarely gets done thoroughly, or completely. When you work with a maid service, your house actually does get cleaned ... thoroughly, and completely. Not to mention regularly. It's like a miracle!

Increases Energy and Creativity

Hiring a maid service to clean your home for you is an excellent way to increase both your energy and your creativity. Coming home to a clean, sweet smelling home, may give you a sense of order and serenity conducive to creative endeavors. You might find yourself picking up a new hobby, reinvesting in an old one, or even starting a new career.

More Home Enjoyment

A clean home is an easier home to appreciate and enjoy. Instead of seeing "work" everywhere you glance, you'll be more likely to sit down, relax, and actually enjoy your home instead of viewing it as one more "job" for you to tend to. People who enjoy their homes tend to be more optimistic about life, more serene, and to have lower blood pressure than those who come home to filthy homes.

More Time to Invest In Other Activities

´╗┐When the burden of house cleaning is lifted from your shoulders, you will have more time to invest in other ways, in both people and activities. You will have the time necessary to socialize with friends, to volunteer for worthy causes, and to be there both mentally and physically for your family.

They (Probably) Clean Better

´╗┐Leave it to the pros: Maid services often employ professional cleaning tools that are likely to be superior to the ones you own. They are eager to clean whereas deep down, you desire to avoid it. They have "tricks of the trade" that you may not know about. They are methodical and systematic, and often work in teams that double the elbow grease in half the amount of time. Your house will benefit from regular, thorough cleaning, and your time at home can be spent in more productive ways than repetitive cleaning tasks.